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The Major has hinted to me gently that he thinks my comments have been harsher than he would like to see. I will try and improve. Sorry Major.

The small eleven year old child golfer in the US who is playing on the women’s pro circuit, I guess has finally proved that golf is a game like darts, not a sport . There are very few children playing in the World Cup at this time and even fewer in the last Olympics. I know my golfing friends are deleting my name from their e-mail address books as I write this, but as I have said before: I am saving golf for my old age.

A teacher acquaintance ¬†wonders why I am not supporting them as ardently as he would like during their latest strike, in fact not at all if I am honest. I suppose it is because that I have grown tired at seeing them lining up over the years for Employment Insurance at the end of every school year. Also if only we could get a picture of what exactly they are ¬†being paid including their entire package of goodies including saved “Sick Days”, massages for themselves and family, medical, dental and a breakdown in pension plans. Why there are NEVER any firings of patently bad teachers, the lack of testing and how much we are falling behind the rest of the world in the arena of education. Just because we are ahead of America does not let us off the hook.

Major I hope you can see how I have ameliorated my comments. Cheers.